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Here are some of my favorite productions.

Click on thumbnails for full-size slide shows.

Productions: Welcome

Drunk at the Base of the Bodhi Tree

Fringe of the Woods Festival

Mile High Theater, Frazier Park, CA, 2022

The Second Coming

Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA, 2018 

Bill & Joan

Sacred Fools, Los Angeles, 2014 

Becoming Human

McCadden Place Theatre, Los Angeles, 2017


Evidence Room/Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, 2012

Margo Veil

Evidence Room/Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, 2011

The Projectionist

Kirk Douglas Theatre, Los Angeles, 2009

The Cherry Orchard

Evidence Room, Los Angeles, 2006

Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said

Evidence Room, Los Angeles, 2005


Evidence Room, Los Angeles, 2004


Evidence Room, Los Angeles, 2003


The Old Globe, San Diego, 2003


Evidence Room, Los Angeles, 2002

Delirium Palace

Evidence Room, Los Angeles, 2001

The Imperialists at the Club Cave Canem

Evidence Room, Los Angeles, 2001

O Jerusalem

The Production Company, Los Angeles, 2008

The Berlin Circle

Evidence Room, Los Angeles, 2000

Involuntary Homicide

The Actors' Gang, Los Angeles, 1995

Young Psycho-Vivisectionists Meet Marilyn Monroe

Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago, 1985

Passing On

Blue Rider Theatre, Chicago, 1988

Productions: Portfolio
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